A Japanese high school baseball player takes the national stage and shocks the country. The whole nation looks on in shock including baseball legend Hideo Nomo and World Series champion Koji Uehara. We spent months meeting with Japanese high school baseball players and hearing their stories. This spot echoes the opening ceremony of the nationally televised high school baseball tournament. In Japanese baseball, the mandate is to sacrifice everything for the team. We thought given how hard these young players work over the course of their careers, they deserve to stand out in their final moment. Directed by Hisashi Eto.

Cannes shortlist

ACC Grand Prix (Japan’s commercial of the year)

Tokyo Copywriters Club Award


Ladies and gentlemen,
We all stand before you,
I ask you to watch me!
I'm going to turn this place upside down.
Scouts will call me the 100-year monster.
My haircut will be a famous trend.
Even my smile will become a phenomenon.
I will stand out.
I will no longer be one of many.
I've given everything to be here.
And now it's payback time.
I didn't come here to be forgotten.