Nike 'New Beginnings'
CW: Andrew Miller | AD: Naoki Ga | Director: Gerard De Thame
  This was the first piece of communication after the 2011 earthquake in Japan. We set out to feature athletes from across Japan and capture moments of new beginnings—the kind of moments when athletes get a new chance or a fresh start. Sports are full of these instances. We wanted to showcase the inspiration of sport to give us all new opportunities. We can't change what happened yesterday, but we can decide how we will approach today.


Every day is a new beginning.

Yesterday is over.
Last game is done.
And today is a chance to do something new.
To show what I've learned.
To show my best.
Every day is a chance to be perfect.
To let my game speak for myself.
To start again.
I can't change what happened yesterday.
But I can decide what I'll do about today.

Just do it.